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True Transparency is a freeware that changes the windows border adding png support and so true transparency. This version including 30 skins.

Freeware that changes the windows border adding png support and so true transparency.

TrueTransparency is a freeware that changes the windows border adding png support and so true transparency.

TrueTransparency will reside unobtrusively in your system tray and allow you to change at any time the look of your windows borders.

TrueTransparency is also simple and easy-to-use.

Note: Free for non-commercial use only.
· new text glow rendering (set GlowMethod to Old in skin.ini to use the old rendering).
· option to desactivate AeroShake and/or AeroSnap.
· option to hide title and/or icon of inactive windows (see skin.ini).
· option to hide title and/or icon of explorer windows (see skin.ini).

· fix focus bug.
· fix potential crash.

How to use? downloaded and un-rar to a directory, then copy to skin directory of TrueTransparency. When want to choose new skin, right click at icon at system tray, choose Skin and choose skin name.

The Microsoft Office 2010 Beta 2, invitation only program which will provide you with the opportunity to experience early, pre-release versions of Office 2010 which will include the following applications: Word 2010, Excel 2010, Outlook 2010, PowerPoint 2010, OneNote 2010, Communicator 2010, Access 2010, InfoPath 2010 and Publisher 2010. Microsoft Office 2010 provides people at home or work with a comprehensive set of tools that helps them gather and consolidate virtually any type of information, find what they are looking for quickly, and easily share information with others across geographical or organizational boundaries, so they can deliver better results faster.

Extras. Information:
The company Microsoft has changed the procedure for installing the test version of office suite, now before you start the installation office suite should enter the license 25-digit number, without the imposition of the license number is not possible to start installing the test version, ie the distribution of serial number is useless!

We can confidently assert that it was this assembly v.14.0.4514.1009 become official BETA-2 assembly.
According to our information, the official second beta version of OFFICE 2010 BETA-2 will be presented November 6-9, 2009 at the conference TechEd Conference in Berlin (Germany).

Already we have seen from the screenshots that the Russian locale-tion office suite virtually non-existent and artifacts that were present in the Technical Preview and BETA-1 version.

BUILD: 14.0.4514.1009
FILE: 14.0.4514.1009_SingleImage_retail_ship_combo_en-us_dvd.iso
SIZE: 1,436,096,512 byte
SHA1: 6BA868B79132790362DF452BBA92BA523A65FCCC
MD5: 2790D513D3EAF54F597A6CEBB47917AE

System Requirements / System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP SP2 or higher
Processor: Pentium 1.0 GHz or higher
RAM: 512 MB or above
HD: Varies depending on installation choices
Microsoft Office 2010 Beta 2 v14.0.4514.1009 x86/x64 ENG
Download: 1.33GB

from Hotfile

rom FileFactory



Windows 7 is the latest version of Microsoft Windows, a series of operating systems produced by Microsoft for use on

personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, tablet PCs and media center PCs.
Windows 7 was released to manufacturing (RTM) on July 22, 2009, with general retail availability set for October 22, 2009,

less than three years after the release of its predecessor, Windows Vista.

- Type : Operated system.
- Release date : 22. October 2009.
- Status : ©®@©K€D
- Platforms : x86-32, x64-64, EM64T.
- Version : x86/32-bit | x64/64-bit.
- Build : 7600 RTM (Final).
- Service Pack : Not available at the moment.
- Licence type : OEM.
- Activation : Not required.
- Serial : Not required.
- Language : English
- Creator : faXcooL
- Re-Uploader : XtrM

Nothing has been removed from the original ISO files. It's completely untouched. The only thing that I modifyed is setup

so that you can choose which version you like to install, whether it be 32-bit or 64 bit.


Ghost Windows 7 Final RTM x86 Lite Edition (Activated) | 772 MB

High speed Ghost Windows 7 Final RTM x86 Lite Edition (Activated) .. Automatic Installation in few minutes via Norton Ghost .
This system accept updates form Microsoft and compatible with any Computer Desktop & Laptop ..


Visual C++ 6.0 Compiler

Nearly all world-class software, from the leading Web Browsers to mission-critical corporate applications, is built using the Microsoft Visual C++ development system. Visual C++ 6.0 is the most productive C++ tool for the highest-performance development for Windows and the Web. Visual C++ 6.0 brings a new level of productivity to C++, without sacrificing flexibility, performance, and control.

In addition to features like IntelliSense Technology, Edit and Continue which significantly speeds development time, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 contains greatly improved support for Web and Enterprise development. With Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Professional Edition, you can take advantage of robust component development, powerful database tools, and full Internet support to build strategic business solutions.

Click the image to open in full size.

Hallmark Card Studio 2010 Deluxe DVD | 3.87 GB

For nearly 100 years Hallmark has been designing greeting cards for life’s special moments. Hallmark Card Studio 2009 Deluxe extends this tradition, making it easy to create one-of-a kind- Hallmark cards as unique as the people you care for.

In three easy steps you can add personal photos, customize sentiments and print your special card. It’s the fast, easy and fun way to create distinctive Hallmark cards for any occasion - birthdays to anniversaries, Christmas to Valentine’s Day! But cards are just the beginning.

Commemorate events and bridge the miles between family and friends with custom calendars, photo frames, postcards, stationery, invitations, scrapbooks, certificates and more. With Card Studio Deluxe 2009, new projects, such as Photo Calendars, add to the many ways Hallmark helps you be creative and stay in touch.

Even send personalized Hallmark E-Cards using a selection from our pre-recorded sounds for any occasion. Or add yourown recorded sounds and WAV files for an extra personal touch.

FREE Download Filefactory.Com

PREMIUM Download Rapidshare.Com


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RegRun Reanimator + Portable | 14,8 Mb

A useful software for removing Trojans/Adware/Spyware and some of the rootkits. RegRun Reanimator is a handy tool designed to help you remove remote malicious programs from your computer.

Here we have another DVDrip released by DvF. Magic man is a thriller genre movie directed by Stuart Cooper. I didn’t watch movies from Stuart C. before but this movie has interesting plot. Quality is standard for DVDrip.

Tatiana goes to Las Vegas with her two friends, Elena and Vera, in order to seek the truth about the tragic death of her mother, Olga, who was killed when Tatiana was a child during a magic trick gone fatally awry. Something of an amateur magician herself, Tatiana is fascinated by Krell Darius, the world-famous magician staying at the hotel where she’s staying. The murders of Elena and Vera put a tragic spin on Tatiana’s “vacation,” and despite the hard work on the part of local police detectives Yuri Orloff and Wes Simpson, Tatiana herself finally discovers the link between her mother’s death, her friends’ deaths, and the great Darius himself.

With Windows 7 released and currently making its way to shelves in time for the holiday season, we've taken this opportunity to upgrade our copy of the official Windows System Recovery Discs for compatibility with Windows 7.

If you're like most PC users, you probably got Windows 7 with a new PC or laptop. And if you're like 99% of the population, you get your new machines from one of the major manufacturers. Dell, Acer, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo; who all have one thing in common: they don't give you a real Windows 7 installation disc with your purchase. Instead, they bundle what they call a "recovery disc" (that's if you're lucky - otherwise you'll have a recovery partition instead) with your machine and leave it at that.

It doesn't matter that you just paid a thousand dollars for a machine that comes with a valid Windows 7 license - your computer manufacturer just don't want to spend the money (or perhaps take on the responsibility) of giving you a Windows 7 installation DVD to accompany your expensive purchase.

The problem is, with Windows 7, the installation media serves more than one purpose. It's not just a way to get Windows installed, it's also the only way of recovering a borked installation. The Windows 7 DVD has a complete "recovery center" that provides you with the option of recovering your system via automated recovery (searches for problems and attempts to fix them automatically), rolling-back to a system restore point, recovering a full PC backup, or accessing a command-line recovery console for advanced recovery purposes.

Thankfully, Microsoft seems to have realized this problem, and have thankfully made a recovery disc for this purpose. It contains the contents of the Windows 7 DVD's "recovery center," as we've come to refer to it. It cannot be used to install or reinstall Windows 7, and just serves as a Windows PE interface to recovering your PC. Technically, one could re-create this installation media with freely-downloadable media from Microsoft (namely the Microsoft WAIK kit, a multi-gigabyte download); but it's damn-decent of Microsoft to make this available to Windows' users who might not be capable of creating such a thing on their own. You can make your own copy from Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, but now you have an easier alternative.

It's a 143 MiB download (165 MiB for the 64-bit version), and in the standard ISO format, ready to burned directly to a CD or DVD. Don't wait until your PC crashes to download a copy! Download and burn your recovery disc today, so that when the time comes, you'll be ready!

What it does: The Windows 7 Recovery Disc can be used to access a system recovery menu, giving you options of using System Restore, Complete PC Backup, automated system repair, and a command-line prompt for manual advanced recovery.

What it doesn't do: You cannot use the Windows 7 Recovery Disc to re-install Windows - it only fixes (not replaces!) Windows.

Why you need it: If you bought your PC from a major retailer, you didn't get this CD with your hefty purchase.


1. Burn the .iso file to a CD using these instructions.( use UltraISO...)
2. When you want to use the recovery center, put the CD in your drive and boot from it. This is usually done by pressing F8 at startup, or changing the boot drive order in the BIOS.

Download : 32bit
Download : 64bit

Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 Lite Win 7 Style (2009/ENG) | 958 MB
Your attention is invited to build for those who like the user interface of Windows 7, but prefer Windows Vista, suggesting that it is not necessary to switch to Win 7 only because of one interface. Therefore, this assembly has been established, founded on the original image of Windows Vista SP2 x86, includes all the recent updates, tweaks, and also assigned to the interface completely repeating Windows 7 and the integrated extra sounds, wallpapers, themes. System is fully operational, stable and tested.

What's new in the assembly:


- Accessibility
- Games
- Speech support
- Welcome center

- Display adapters
- Diva Server
- Modems
- Printers
- Scanners
- Tv tunners

Hardware Support:
- Fax Support
- Internet small computer system interface (iscsi)
- Smartcards
- Windows Mobile Device center
- Windows Portable Devices

Languages (keyboard languages support Still Included!):
- Japanese
- Korean
- Simplified chinese
- Table Driven text Input Processor
- Traditional chinese

- Media Center
- Movie and dvd maker
- Music and video samples
- Sample pictures

- Connect to network projector
- Internet information services
- Remote desktop and assistance
- Windows collaboration
- Windows mail

- Diagnostics
- Distributed link tracking client
- Error reporting
- Microsoft dfs replication
- Offline files
- Remote registry
- Windows remote management
- Windows search

- Bitlocker drive encryption
- Disk defragmenter
- Help
- Malcious software removal
- Manual install
- Microsoft Agent
- Natural language
- Parental controls
- Performance counters
- Reliability and performance monitor
- Remote differential compression
- Security center
- Sync center
- Tablet pc
- Windows defender (Useless!)
- Windows easy transfer
- Zip folder.

Magic Utilities is a cute program designed to make your computer clean and more stable. These utilities include Uninstaller Plus, StartUp Organizer, Process Killer, Disk Cleaner, File Shredder and File Protector. Magic Utilities enables you to easily and safely uninstall programs, inspect and manage the programs that automatically start when your turn on or logon to your computer, lists and controls all currently running processes (system and hidden processes are also shown), and quickly clean up temp files and unnecessary files on your computer. With a cool and user-friendly interface, Magic Utilities makes it easy for anyone.
Feature highlights include:
- More user-friendly interface to list and uninstall programs that have been installed on your computer.
- Support drag and drop. Automatically analyse your operation when you drop a file on Magic Utilities 2008 icon on the desktop.
- Automatically detect the bad entries left behind in registry by misbehaved uninstallers.
- Automatically detect the files lefted after a program has been uninstalled.
- Automatically detect the new programs have been installed on your computer or added to your startup configuration.
- Full control all program's unistall info.
- View, Edit, Delete and Add entries to your startup configuration.
- Display a list of all running programs and allows you to force-quit frozen applications.
- Rate all your startup programs to list potential harmful program.
- Display details of an certain running program so you can find harmful background processes like spyware, viruses and worms infect 90% of computers with an internet connection.
- Export uninstall programs,startup programs and current running programs list to file.
- Clean up temp files and unnecessary files on your computer.
- Delete your files in a secure way.
- Offers an easy way to encrypt any of your files.
- Includes multi-language support.
- Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/Me/98 compatible.
. . . . . .

New feature include:
* Add function to open greate built-in Windows Utilities.
* Other small bug fixed.

Magic Utilities is a cute program designed to make your computer clean and more stable. DownLoad a free trial edition.

Download Trial:

Name : majesty[CiN1-TeAm]
Serial : 9800HH89,0908HF89

This Fix IE Utility freeware portable utility re-registers all the concerned dll & ocx files required for the smooth operation of Internet Explorer.

Simply extract the contents of the .zip file and run the utility.

If you face any problems while running IE, maybe after recovering from a malware attack, run this tool to re-register around 89 dll & ocx files, which are required for the smooth running of Internet Explorer.

Before running the utility, make sure that all your Internet Explorer windows are closed.

Underworld Rise Of The Lycans (2009) m-HD

Underworld Rise Of The Lycans (2009) m-HD
Underworld Rise Of The Lycans (2009) m-HD x264 | MKV

Underworld Rise Of The Lycans , The prequel story traces the origins of the centuries-old blood feud between the aristocratic vampires and their onetime slaves, the Lycans. In the Dark Ages, a young Lycan named Lucian emerges as a powerful leader who rallies the werewolves to rise up against Viktor, the cruel vampire king who has enslaved them. Lucian is joined by his secret lover, Sonja, in his battle against the Vampire army and his struggle for Lycan freedom.

Cap 1 - Cap 2

300 MB | Rapidshare - Megaupload

Download Underworld Rise Of The Lycans (2009)

Download Underworld Rise Of The Lycans (2009) Rapidshare

Download Underworld Rise Of The Lycans (2009) Megaupload

DirectX 11 by Desings | x86/x64 | 25.84 Mb/26.96 Mb

Basic encoding and elaboration of DirectX 11 for Nvidia 9xxx / 2xx/3xx
Nvidia DirectX Convert 11 (from Desings)
A set of basic information about DirectX 11 for Vista and XP Service Pack 3
Development of the converter for the OS Vista, XP SP-3, Windows 7 build 7100 and 7600.
Maximum effectively reduce the burden Video systems operating Vista/XP/Win7
But most CPU uses PC while reducing the load GPU (only Series GeForce 2xx/98xx)
Since the conversion is designed for those video cards.
Allows you to see all the beauty of Crysis Warhead, and other games.

Added / Fixed:
+ Soft and flexible physics obektov and buildings in the game
+ Balance of white and gray (V-Ray DX11 Soft Autodesk 3DS MAX 2010)
+ Realism rosteny (colors, balance, contrast)
+ Fixed bug s hanging in games on XP Service Pack 3
+ Added support Buduyuscheyu Driver Nvidia GeForce 200.api
+ Added support for GTA 4 Quality MOD 6.0 (5.0 already available)
+ Full compatibility with Windows 7 x64 / (x86 rozryadnostyu OS)

Update! 10/10/2009
+ Added support for Assassin's Creed, Halo, Bionic, Lost, Crysis Warhead
+ Added support API DirectX 11 Low Pro (+ FPS and Quality Desktop)
+ Added Conveyor API DX_10 Convert to DX_11
+ Fixed Autodetect encoding API Shaders Pack 5
+ Fixed hang with do not support games.
+ Now, if no packages Baz Даных DX_11 Games will work stably.
+ Preparing to full release 01/01/2010 (Update Full version with many changes SOON), Auto Generator DeXcode (for auto selection of Scheider for any games.)

Softer physics objects.
Includes components of Windows 7, the balance of tones, colors, the effectiveness of video systems on the drawing of 1-degrees of texture.
Includes V-Ray DX11 on, shine objects, reflections in mirrors and other ..
The rate of migration from the package of textures to the CPU and DDR, and only then to the GPU. Standard scheme was as follows (GPU - CPU - DDR)
Compatible with the latest drivers for Nvidia GeForce 9 (185.xx) and ATI (ATI Display Driver 8.612 and above)
Recommended processor with 2 and 4 cores for optimal and fast work ...
As for video card ATI has a series of unknown ... So sorry .. very good job on the integration of Intel Graphic Video Card
Installation is simple run the installer and set
Note for x86 operating systems ...
We pass on the way ...
C: windowsSystem32
And add the files from the archive
All of these actions (Install) do in safe mode and remove the protection from these folders SysWOW64 and System32
Low level support of hardware and operating system
Improved multithreaded
New phases of image processing hardware for tessellation
Improved texture compression
Shader Model 5.0
Computational Shaders (Compute shader)
Low level support of hardware and operating system
Windows Vista and DirectX 10 have been designed to improve the basic model of Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) and the creation of broad opportunities to enhance driver performance. In addition, API DirectX 10 was designed more than "pure" and simple, the most devoid of unnecessary features, thereby making client code easier to read and relieving developers from the headaches. DirectX 11 contains a a lot of new features to be considered full-weight update, but it is based on DirectX 10, and extends its capabilities. Anyone who is familiar with DirectX 10 and 10.1, will also feel confident in the work with DirectX 11. With DirectX 11 developers can use the hardware capabilities of levels 10, 10.1 and 11, working with the same set of functions.
Time release the final version of DirectX 11 will be correlated with the release of new version of Windows, but this API will be available for Windows Vista. Thus, by the time the new API all the hardware level of 10 and 10.1 will be able to work with him.
Improved multithreaded
Previous versions of Direct3D were designed primarily to work with the configurations of a single-core CPU and therefore had limited support for multithreading. In DirectX 11 have been amended to allow developers to improve the management of the GPU multicore CPU. DirectX 11 improves the scaling of CPU resources through changes in patterns of API and driver. Asynchronous access to devices made possible by two key features of the object Direct3D 11 Device.
First, improved synchronization between the object and Direct3D Device driver allows you to make asynchronous calls to API, including the allocation of resources. Direct3D 11 provides developers with more freedom in the implementation of parallelism, allowing at the same time make calls using multiple threads.
Secondly, Direct3D Device interface now supports multiple contexts of visualization. 1) main line context (Immediate Context), which oversees the transmission of commands to execute in the GPU and 2) additional deferred contexts (Deferred Contexts), created by the application developer as needed. The work, comparisons with each deferred context, can be performed in a separate thread / core. This allows teams to accumulate in parallel GPU main processes of visualization, and after this act to perform in the GPU, when the main context is ready to provide the GPU to perform a new task.
The below diagram shows the process to create a queue of rendering tasks parallel to the main directly to context and performance of these tasks as the device is ready
This feature also supports DirectX 11 card Direct3D Class 10 and 10.1, so that changes in the method of image formation will be maintained and today's hardware.
New stage of image processing hardware for tessellation
DirectX 11 brings three new stages (hull shader, tessellator and domain shader) in the rendering pipeline. These steps cause the operation of a flexible, programmable hardware support for tessellation. Hull shaders and domain shaders - a programmable parts; Tessellator - is a fixed function, but support a large number of options provides control over the generated data item.
Hull Shader
This programmable module allows you to convert the input data in such a way that their treatment is on the initial frequency of the control cells. Discussing the application pipeline, we often talk about that made drastic changes to the shader, have moved from the surface of one type to another, for example, square cells Ketmula-Clark (Catmull-Clark) to the Bezier patches (Bezier patch).
This module is a fixed-function is essentially the expander (or expander) data, which can be safely zaparallelit algorithms, user-defined. He takes the input parameters of tessellation and inserts in the top surface in the space of U, V according to the chosen partitioning scheme.
Domain Shader
This module is executed once for each vertex, and is also a place where estimated representation of the surface. Input at this stage are presented in U, V-domain surface, ready for the parametric evaluation of the surface.
Conveyor supports several types of input data (square elements, triangular elements and even the broken lines (polylyne)), which allows developers to work with almost any representation of the surface. The only condition which must necessarily be met, is to support the hierarchical surfaces (subdivision surfaces) to visualize the characters.
Approximation schemes hierarchical surfaces
Charles Loop (Charles Loop) and Scott Schaefer (Scott Schaefer) from Microsoft Research to work on multiple-choice approaches to the approximation of hierarchical surfaces (or surfaces with a partition), which can be used in a pipeline DirectX 11. One such approach is presented as samples in the DirectX 10 DirectX SDK, alters basic grid of square elements on the surface of Beziers by a fixed tessellation. When applied to a pipeline DirectX 11, this and other schemes can be used to visualize in real-time hierarchical mesh surfaces.
Improved texture compression
The largest amount of memory in games is often given to texture, so it is understandable desire of developers to improve the texture compression, which is necessary to preserve the memory use and requirements of its capacity at the level necessary to render in real time. DirectX 11 allows developers to adopt new compression formats (BC6 and BC7), which are designed to help them achieve high-quality rendering without sacrificing performance. Here we focus on two defining examples of how technology DirectX 11 improves the quality of visualization. Some of you may be more familiar with the old DXT-names, which have been replaced by "block compressed"-terminology (BC) in DirectX 10. Here we use the new name.
Texture Compression image High Dynamic Range (HDR)
Today the image using HDR-textures are very common in games. In combination with intelligent operators maps tones, the use of HDR often makes the image more photorealistic. New compression scheme blocks, BC6, was developed to provide high-quality 6:1 compression of data HDR-image, followed by decompression hardware.
Shader Model 5.0
DirectX 10 enabled us Shader Model 4.0, which among other things includes full support for integer instructions and bit operations. Direct3D 10.1 has brought Shader Model 4.1 along with support for direct access to samples of MSAA. DirectX 11 includes Shader Model 5.0, which uses object-oriented concepts to facilitate the development of shaders and bring additional support for double precision. This update to HLSL (High Level Shading Language) gives you full control over the HLSL compiler to address the problem of specialization of shaders by using interfaces, objects, and polymorphism. With dynamic control over shaders, developers can easily create large, flexible shaders, and provide specialized, optimized versions for use during certain moments of visualization.
Computational Shaders (Compute Shader)
Anyone who is already familiar with the use of GPU for general purpose tasks, it will be interesting to hear about new computing shader, which provides hardware from different vendors support for programming GPU to perform tasks of general purpose (GPGPU, or General Purpose GPU). Much has been made towards the use of large computing power GPU solutions for large computing tasks in niche markets. However, computing shaders of DirectX 11, Microsoft has made it possible to use these algorithms for regular customers on a wide range of hardware. Let's see what opportunities open to developers of games and other applications use the GPU in tasks other than rendering.
This is mainly communication of data between threads and a rich choice of primitives for random access and streaming input / output operations. These features allow you to create a simpler and more rapid implementation of previously used methods, such as creating images, and postprocessing, as well as new methods that can run on hardware Direct3D Class 11.
Additional features
DirectX 11 has a much more interesting innovations than we can consider in this review, but do not want to finish the story without mentioning more about the two functions of the new API.
Conservative oDepth
Typically, developers have to disable the Z-structures and algorithms, when there is a write shaders in the depth buffer via register oDepth. Function Conservative oDepth in DirectX 11 enables shaders to write to the depth buffer in the redistribution of this reserved area. This allows the hardware to avoid significant losses in productivity, allowing the use of acceleration outside the specified area.
Restriction for textures in 16K and the binding of textures
DirectX 11 raises the limit on the maximum size of textures with 4K to 16K, as well as provides control bind MIP-LOD to limit the number of mipmap-levels that are loaded into the GPU.

OS: Windows All
License: Freeware
Nvidia DirectX 11 Convert Desings Update for Vista, XP SP-3, SeVen (October 2009)

Download Nvidia DirectX 11 for Windows x64 (DX_11):


Download Nvidia DirectX 11 for Windows x84 (DX_11):


HyperSnap is the fastest and easiest way to take screen captures from Windows screen, and text capture (TextSnap™) from places where normal text copy is not possible. HyperSnap combines the power of a first-class screen capture application with an advanced image editing utility - wrapped into one easy-to-use tool!
It's perfect for capturing images that you want to include in your Help system, online tutorials, manuals, training handouts, presentations, marketing materials, Web pages, emails and more. Use HyperSnap to quickly share a picture-perfect representation of anything on your screen.
HyperSnap is versatile and extremely easy-to-use. You can quickly customize menus and toolbars to fit your needs. Assign your own keyboard shortcuts, create instant toolbars, and even control HyperSnap with voice commands!
Top Features:
• New in ver. 6 TextSnap™ feature to capture editable text from almost anywhere on the screen, when running under Windows 2000, XP or newer. Starting from ver. 6.10 can also capture tab-delimited data for easy paste into MS Excel.
• New & powerful image capture, editing, annotation and manipulation tools.
• Snags also those difficult-to-grab screens from DirectX™ and Glide™ games.
• Image stamps, frames, drop shadow, free-hand capture, FTP server uploads, more!
• Automatic color substitution!
• Non-rectangular window capture!
• Button Capture - perfect for professional technical writers who need to snap and document dozens of buttons!
• Auto-scrolls and concurrently captures long web pages and other. documents, enabling it to grab more than is visible on the screen.
• Tightly integrates with the MS Windows clipboard to automate repetitive tasks - will even automatically PASTE capture images where needed!
• Automatically saves your captures to graphics files.
• Doubles as effective image viewer, format converter (over 20 image formats supported).
• Fully customizable user interface. Rearrange menus and toolbars any way you want, assign any keyboard shortcuts you like, tear off menus to create instant toolbars, even control HyperSnap with voice commands!
• Extended Window Capture function when running on Windows XP® . Resizes a window to be much bigger than the screen before the capture - in one quick step, no auto-scrolling!
• Much, much more!
Changes in HyperSnap 6.40.01, 2009.01.13:
* Updated user interface with several "skins" to choose from on the "Options" menu - "Application Look".
* Image tabs may be configured to be positioned above or below the image area, have different colors and properties. Right-click on a tab displays a short menu to close or save an image and to customize the tabs.
* Corrected auto-scroll to work with Google Chrome browser.
* Added File/Save command to the menu (in addition to "Save As..." that was always there)
* Moved "Close All" command from Window to File menu.
* Corrected a bug that caused sometimes HyperSnap to print multiple copies of an image, when only one copy print was requested.
* Automatic capture processing, such as converting to black & white, substituting colors, adding a shade or frame, inserting stamps - will turned off and you need to manually turn it on when you exit and restart HyperSnap. If you do need to preserve these options at all times, add "-ra" command line option to the shortcut you use to start HyperSnap (see online help, "Command line usage" chapter).
Homepage -

HyperSnap read more.


KMPLAYER is a korean movie and audio player that supports a wide range of codecs and file formats, It has full VCD/DVD playback functionality.

KMPlayer is a program that allows you to play audio and video files.

Here are some key features of "KMPlayer":

Supported Files or Devices:
· HTTP Streaming(AVI etc including none-streaming media)
· Directshow playback (avi, mkv etc)
· Real Engine + Directshow (needs Real Player or Alternative)
· QuickTime Engine + Directshow (needs QuickTime player or Alternative)
· Mplayer Engine Support
· Winamp Input Plugin(decoder) Support
· Compressed Audio Album Support(zip, rar)
· Audio CD(2000, XP only / Win9x-Support by winamp plugin)
· Video CD/SVCD/XCD : CDXA Format (2000, XP only)
· DVD playback
· DTS Wave and AC3 files
· WDM device support like TV or Camera
· CD Image File (BIN/ISO/IMG/NRG) ; NRG needs mplayer.dll
· Shoutcast (Including NSV)
· AAC, OGG parser/decoder
· Shockwave Flash/FLC/FLI
· Ape/MPC/Flac/Module etc
· Various Image files like png, gif etc
· Incomplete/Damaged AVI file (Skip Damaged Frames)
· Locked Media Files while downloading or sharing

Built-in Codec/Filters:
· Video Codec
· MPEG4 (Divx/Xvid : ffmpeg/xvid)
· MPEG1/2 (ffmpeg/libmpeg)
· etc (ffmpeg)
· Audio Codec
· 2Ch to Multi Channel expansion
· External Codec
· Media Priority to Connect among Directshow, Real, QT, Winamp and Mplayer
· Custom Filter Manager
· System Filter Manger

· Winamp Input Plugins
· Winamp DSP Plugins (Can Stack)
· Winamp Visual Plugins (Can Stack)
· Winamp General Plugins (Media Library etc Support)
· KMP Video Plugins by SDK (Can Stack)
· DScaler Filter Support (Can Stack)


- Vista Skin
- Sparkle Skin
- Real Player Skin
- Leaf Skin
- WMP 11

ArcSoft PhotoStudio Portable | 42.28 MB

ArcSoft's world-renowned, affordable photo editing application PhotoStudio now includes more advanced features. ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6 is a powerful imaging editing application with new features to help you enhance, manage, print, and get creative with your digital photos. PhotoStudio 6 offers intelligent, yet easy-to-use tools such as Face Beautify, Magic-Cut, and Magic-Film along with the editing tools that you have come to love in PhotoStudio.

Face beautify;
Auto Exposure;
Auto De-Noise;
Supports Windows and Mac (including Mac Intel);
Supports large image file (Max. 30,000 x 30,000 pixels);
Supports editing 48-bit image;
Powerful photo editing tools;
Tons of creative effects;
Easily enhance photos;
Quick multi-processing of photos with macros;
Fast and easy photo browsing;
Scan & crop several photos in seconds;
Supports shortcuts of most frequently used functions;
MUI (Multilingual User Interface);
Smart User Interface for adjusting user interface resolution.
ArcSoft PhotoStudio Portable

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 x86 x64 And XP SP3 x86. This is an AIO of the operating systems. XP passes genuine (no key) and 7 will auto activate at first trying SLIC (2.1 Acer SLICCERT) and if not activated will install a loader. If blacklisted, just run a current loader as needed (included).
Fresh Install Only
No need for Serial or Activation
Insert CD and you will be able to boot into:
Windows 7 Ultimate x86
Windows 7 Home PRO x86
Windows 7 Business x86
Windows 7 ultimate x64
Windows 7 Home PRO x64
Windows 7 Business x64
Windows xp sp3 x86 Oct Updates (Passes WGA)
VISTApe Recovery Environment (Bootable)
WINKEY (remove password on existing windows xp/vista/server/win7) (Bootable)
Also has termsrv patch, and a patch for not having the 100 meg partition made
After Install, you CAN run a selectable Windows Post Install (WPI) for some common apps Best to install updates and drivers first.
Eset smartsecurity 3.5 32bit (requires some interaction) only choose 1
Eset smartsecurity 3.5 64bit (requires some interaction) only choose 1
Damn nfo addon
Windows7 & XP 6 In 1 | 4.3 GB
Windows 7


Building constructed on the basis of universal and powerful boot GRUB4DOS, which when booting from the CD / DVD loads a nice menu (which can easily be edited) and allows you to boot from any device or image. Ie on Grub4Dos you can make a convenient and powerful resuscitation CD / DVD. There is an opportunity "to tie" to your boot disk resuscitation program (such as Acronis BootCD, Hiren's BootCD, various BartPE and so on). This project will find detailed and understandable manuals!
Year: 2009
System Requirements: 700 GHz 32-bit (x86), 512 MB of RAM memory
Language: English / Russian
Tabletka: Not required
Included soft:
1.Kaspersky Rescue Disk 2009
2.Dr.Web LiveCD
3.Acronis True Image 11 + Disk Director 10
2.Acronis True Image HOME 12 (build 9769)
4.PLoP Boot Manager
5.Offline NT / Vista password and registry editor
6.Puppy Linux 4.2.1
7.RusLive RAM Mini (Mini-XP)
Additional software:
1.Total commander 7.5a final
2.Alcohol 120% v.
4. Utility "HDHacker".
Instruction and working principle:
Mount the iso-шник and copy the contents of the disk in any folder in the light of that free space would require twice the size of the downloaded image. There you will have a folder "great_boot-iso_grub4dos". This is a project for quick and easy creation of bootable iso-images. Then read the manual attached to the project.
Collector Bootable Iso-Images on the Basis GRUB4DOS (2009)


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